A Lingering Sadness

These are strange days. These days where we wait. These days where we see others at work, at church, at a local cafe, or just around, and we smile and say ‘hello’. In that smile there are a thousand words said but the only word spoken aloud is ‘hello’. The usual ‘how are you doing?’ or … More A Lingering Sadness

It’s Been Six Months

I remember walking out of the surgeon’s rooms last November. Elated, joyful, thankful. I was finally on track. And even better, I felt free by the thought that I would not be walking into another specialist’s rooms for 7-8 months. I was revelling in the words I had just heard from the surgeon. I could … More It’s Been Six Months

Leaving For Cambridge

I worked until the last minute. For over three weeks leading up to this day, I had been starting work around 7am and persisting until I could work no more for one day. My list of tasks, the tasks I needed to get done to hand over all my work responsibilities, was more than the … More Leaving For Cambridge

No Longer An Outpatient

The countdown started in earnest when there were no more weeks, but only days. Boxes of books were sent off to the UK, dry cleaning picked up. Packing wouldn’t start until the last minute. I was gradually crossing off tasks from my priority list. The number of appointments were also dwindling. One of the last … More No Longer An Outpatient

The End of Semester

The end finally came. The final lectures for the semester were given. And I was still swept up in the relief of seeing my recovery progress. But at some point in that last week my reasonable pace of life turned to the more manic. I started to let the pressure of finishing the semester well … More The End of Semester

A Noticeable Difference

There wasn’t one moment, it was a number of small things. Unconsciously squatting to put washing in the front loader and being able to stand up. Forgetting to use my stick when I walked to the photocopier. Being able to stand on my right leg during physio without my right hip feeling like it wants … More A Noticeable Difference