The Third Week of Lectures

Being confined to a hospital room really isn’t for me; I thrive on being out and about, being active. So I was ready for an afternoon of physio and hydro after being released from hospital. That might sound crazy after my body had been put through quite a lot over the past 48 hours. And maybe it was crazy. Seeing my Physio that afternoon, I updated her on the past four days. She didn’t question why I was up and about so soon. As it happens, my Physio decided to take the next step. For the first time since starting as an outpatient, we moved from exercises on the physio bed to doing Reformer work (machine-based Pilates). My muscle strength in my right leg had improved to a point where the Physio was happy to start resistance work. Lying on the Reformer, being able to use the spring-based resistance, pushing in and out using a variety of foot combinations, I grasped just how much my muscle function in my legs had progressed. I was now four weeks into my outpatient program.

I was back into my full work schedule the next day. Meetings, lecture preparation to catch up on, three hours of lectures in the afternoon. I felt like I was chasing time to catch up on the work that needed to be done after missing the first two days of the work week. But I also felt like I had energy and clarity of mind; the first time since all this happened. I was no longer focused on how I could get through lectures, no longer was I focused on how to survive. My focus was on my students fully again. A step forward certainly, but not quite turning a corner yet.