You’re Always Smiling!

I knew moving back home was going to be hard, I just didn’t know how hard. If I was bordering on the constantly tired before, I was now teetering on the edge of exhaustion by evening. The 5am starts, trying to remain on top of work, while keeping up with rehab, as well as stepping … More You’re Always Smiling!

Returning Home

Three months since the spinal surgery, three months until I’m back in Cambridge, it’s time for me to return to my own home. This was quite a big risk. I was still losing strength in my legs, the movement restrictions were not yet lifted, I couldn’t drive. My home is about 30km out of Adelaide, … More Returning Home

My Plea to GPs

It was one of those chaotic days. I was ‘running’ from one thing to the next, no breaks, just trying to keep up. That day was a Thursday. I arrived at my office a little later than usual at 8am; I marked a paper, set a vocabulary test, reviewed what I would be teaching for … More My Plea to GPs

Week 12 Post-Op

Week twelve post-surgery is a milestone, normally. Week twelve is when all the movement restrictions are lifted, when life can look that little bit more normal, like being able to put washing into the front loader. But for me, those movement restrictions were not lifted, it felt like a milestone I never reached. Instead, week … More Week 12 Post-Op

You’re Walking So Well

I hesitated writing this post. I hesitated a second time when two weeks later I was deciding whether or not I would make the post public. It’s almost easier to let people believe that what they see is the reality.¬†But if I let others think that my¬†outward appearance matches the underlying reality, then that does … More You’re Walking So Well

Three Months

After a roller coaster kind of week, I was quite happy to roll into bed on the Thursday night, open a book that doesn’t require much thinking, and fall asleep. Thursday is the end of my lecture week with Friday being a writing day. Knowing that I had a full day of writing ahead of … More Three Months

Relationship Matters

Returning to work the day after seeing the surgeon was a delight. I wasn’t pulled out of normal life again; I could continue. I could plan, I could mark assessments, and I could write. I was head down in a pile of marking when friends visiting from Cambridge walked past, back-tracked their steps, and came … More Relationship Matters

Finding Out The Verdict

While technically a reading week for students, I needed to make up a set of lectures that I postponed earlier in the semester when I was readmitted into hospital. So the Tuesday morning of reading week was the catch up lectures, which also happened to be the day I had the follow-up appointment with the … More Finding Out The Verdict

The Third MRI

That weekend, waiting for the MRI, felt like a last supper. I didn’t have a clue as to what the week would bring. The thought that I could end up as an inpatient again by Wednesday and then back in surgery by the end of the week was unpalatable. With the MRI looming on the … More The Third MRI

Back To The Beginning

Waiting for the days to go by until the MRI, I was still tasked by the surgeon to keep going. And part of doing life in my present normal is lecturing and finishing my outpatient rehabilitation sessions. Getting through lectures became harder as the week progressed, especially with smaller classes. I tend to sit for … More Back To The Beginning