Summer Shoes

Quite a few women have asked me what I have been doing for shoes now that the weather is warming up. The October long weekend was the first time we have had hot weather lasting a number of days. When I saw the weather forecast for that long weekend, I knew that I needed to say goodbye to my boots very, very soon. The time had come to put the boots back in their boxes and be put in storage to wait for the winter months in the UK. Looking at shoes in the shops, there were so many options, but I still had the same problems. The shoes still needed to accommodate an ankle-foot orthotic (AFO) and they needed to be able to stay on my feet themselves. You might think this is rather obvious, but before all this happened, I took for granted how much moving my toes helped shoes stay on my feet! While I have some movement in the toes of my right foot now, this movement isn’t enough to easily put shoes on and for shoes to stay on. But actually, these issues were just minor compared to the real issue. My AFO will now be visible. With boots, I didn’t have this problem. And I realised that I wasn’t okay with another part of my disability being so visible. Truthfully, I just had to get over it, and quickly. A couple of weeks before the October long weekend, we celebrated my niece’s fifth birthday. It was a warmish kind of day; warm enough for me to wish that I had another shoe option. One of the mums recommended trying Midas shoes. And I’m thankful for that advice. The flat shoes fit the AFO, have excellent grips on the bottom, and are really comfortable to wear all day and more importantly, comfortable enough to stand up for three hours lecturing. The AFO is visible and I get remarks from strangers quite often asking how I have hurt my foot or my ankle. And when I say ‘my ankle is fine, thank you’, I receive some very strange looks.