I was a very active person. Working way too much, researching in my spare time, walking my dog, running for exercise, relaxing by cooking, travelling to the UK between semesters, and drinking coffee in my local cafe whenever it took my fancy. Until one morning I woke up and I couldn’t walk without excruciating pain. Then three days later, I could no longer walk on two feet. One foot had completely dropped, lifeless, overnight, and I had lost a lot of function in the lower half my body. My legs were no longer working as they should. I was 32 when this happened. I’m now 34.

What you will read in this blog is my story. My story from paralysis to hopefully one day moving forward on two feet. It’s not academic. It’s not meant to be an expert opinion. It’s just reflections from my life learning to live with a disability, short term or long term we still don’t know. At points the blog will be bluntly honest, other points humorous, there are high points, and there are quite a few low points. I hope that by writing this blog and sharing my story that someone who is going through a similar experience might find their words echoed through mine, a story that resonates, and a story where they might find hope.