Three Months

After a roller coaster kind of week, I was quite happy to roll into bed on the Thursday night, open a book that doesn’t require much thinking, and fall asleep. Thursday is the end of my lecture week with Friday being a writing day. Knowing that I had a full day of writing ahead of … More Three Months

Relationship Matters

Returning to work the day after seeing the surgeon was a delight. I wasn’t pulled out of normal life again; I could continue. I could plan, I could mark assessments, and I could write. I was head down in a pile of marking when friends visiting from Cambridge walked past, back-tracked their steps, and came … More Relationship Matters

Finding Out The Verdict

While technically a reading week for students, I needed to make up a set of lectures that I postponed earlier in the semester when I was readmitted into hospital. So the Tuesday morning of reading week was the catch up lectures, which also happened to be the day I had the follow-up appointment with the … More Finding Out The Verdict

The Third MRI

That weekend, waiting for the MRI, felt like a last supper. I didn’t have a clue as to what the week would bring. The thought that I could end up as an inpatient again by Wednesday and then back in surgery by the end of the week was unpalatable. With the MRI looming on the … More The Third MRI