A Most Unexpected Change

My patience was in shreds. The week was a long one, trying to forge ahead with rehab alongside lectures, meetings, appointments, marking assessment, and everything else that happens in between to make life go from one day to the next. Thursday afternoon though was when my patience broke. My patience wasn’t in tatters because of … More A Most Unexpected Change

Working With What We Have

Writer’s block is torturous. Sitting down to write, yet nothing seems to be in my head. Having a document open and ready, and even with copious notes written down, a structure of a chapter on paper, I keep drawing blanks. I go to write a sentence, it doesn’t work. It’s awkward, lacking elegance. I try … More Working With What We Have

A Very Frank Discussion

Finally arriving at the last week of lectures before our mid semester break was a relief. I was exhausted in every way. I had also been wondering whether the muscle spasms were due to fatigue. With no lectures in the next couple of weeks we would know whether exhaustion was a factor. But in that … More A Very Frank Discussion