Sorting Through the Trauma

I really don’t look forward to any medical appointment very much, but this one I was dreading. I had deliberately scheduled seeing this specialist during a non-lecture week. I needed space, emotionally and mentally, leading up to this appointment and rushing from lecture to the specialist’s rooms wasn’t giving me that flexibility. So I cleared the space … More Sorting Through the Trauma

Celebrating the Triumphs

I have been an outpatient now for eleven weeks. From week to week, seeing the tiniest of improvements and then experiencing bigger setbacks, takes persistence that I honestly thought was sometimes beyond me. I have also seen how transient patient life is at the rehab hospital; most patients pass quickly in and out of the … More Celebrating the Triumphs

Oh, Look At Her

The sun was glorious as I stepped out of the house; I felt warm for the first time since Spring arrived. I had reached my writing goal the previous day, so I was giving myself a day off from writing. I decided to read a novel instead. So after my regular Saturday morning Pilates session … More Oh, Look At Her