My Plea to GPs

It was one of those chaotic days. I was ‘running’ from one thing to the next, no breaks, just trying to keep up. That day was a Thursday. I arrived at my office a little later than usual at 8am; I marked a paper, set a vocabulary test, reviewed what I would be teaching for … More My Plea to GPs

Week 12 Post-Op

Week twelve post-surgery is a milestone, normally. Week twelve is when all the movement restrictions are lifted, when life can look that little bit more normal, like being able to put washing into the front loader. But for me, those movement restrictions were not lifted, it felt like a milestone I never reached. Instead, week … More Week 12 Post-Op

You’re Walking So Well

I hesitated writing this post. I hesitated a second time when two weeks later I was deciding whether or not I would make the post public. It’s almost easier to let people believe that what they see is the reality.¬†But if I let others think that my¬†outward appearance matches the underlying reality, then that does … More You’re Walking So Well