A Noticeable Difference

There wasn’t one moment, it was a number of small things. Unconsciously squatting to put washing in the front loader and being able to stand up. Forgetting to use my stick when I walked to the photocopier. Being able to stand on my right leg during physio without my right hip feeling like it wants … More A Noticeable Difference

I Lost It

I think I underestimated how low my energy reserves had become. Although I had tried to be sensible over the long weekend, the conference straight after the tough specialist appointments that week left me depleted. Empty. And I didn’t realise it. If I was more aware, I would have worked from home or the library that … More I Lost It

Summer Shoes

Quite a few women have asked me what I have been doing for shoes now that the weather is warming up. The October long weekend was the first time we have had hot weather lasting a number of days. When I saw the weather forecast for that long weekend, I knew that I needed to … More Summer Shoes

Shame Can Be Crippling

I wrote in the last post that I spent my October long weekend at a conference called CV. It sounds crazy. Why would anyone give up their long weekend, those treasured days of down time, to coach young adults through the process of thinking about gospel ministry as a vocation? But over those three to four … More Shame Can Be Crippling

Respecting Limits

My idea of space may not be what others mean by the idea. For me, space is not clearing out everything from my life, seeking quietness and solitude. Space is being around people, doing what I love, and having the freedom to think without other demands harrowing me. The day after the specialist appointment where … More Respecting Limits

Sorting Through the Trauma

I really don’t look forward to any medical appointment very much, but this one I was dreading. I had deliberately scheduled seeing this specialist during a non-lecture week. I needed space, emotionally and mentally, leading up to this appointment and rushing from lecture to the specialist’s rooms wasn’t giving me that flexibility. So I cleared the space … More Sorting Through the Trauma